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A Song of Freedom in Nonnative Language



Eluca Atali ( Huseynova Madina Ikhtiyar qizi) began to write poems at  twelve, and brought to literature a new genre-the genre of philosophical-artistic miniature. Her works are written in this genre and include stories, essays, prosaic poems, and her works have been published in her native country and abroad. Her works have been translated into foreign languages and address the  world, life, and  the human spirit . She operates from this phrase “ The world won’t change, if human beings don’t change” which is a thought from the Asif Ata, whose faith she adopted. Through belles-lettres she analyzes the imperfections and shortages that prevent humans from perfecting themselves.

She is mostly inspired by nature, children, and says “ Nature and children are never tiring and inspire me. I write about them and I don’t want  their presence to ever leave me”.


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