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From the Barrio to the Boardroom


In 1912, before Arizona had achieved statehood, James Nobles and his wife Missouri Johnson Nobles, seeking to escape the racial mistreatment of Louisiana and Mississippi, moved to Tucson Arizona. But segregation was also the norm in Tucson, and so African Americans (Negores) and Hispanics (Mexicans) were relegated to live in certain areas of town called “Barrios”. Laura Mae Nobles was born on June 29, 1921, in Barrio Anita. This is the story of her journey from those humble beginnings, through the years of segregation and discrimination, to the emergence of a nationally recognized and acclaimed educator, leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, and faithful servant. Take the journey of her 94 years as she chronicles her life in these pages and leaves her legacy as an example of a purpose driven life. And to God be the glory!
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